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Belly - things for food

Seed Pantry is keen to help people living in towns and cities to grow your own urban food, even where little or no space exists. Turning food miles into food metres the ultra cool veg grow kits from Seed Pantry provide everything you need to grow delicious organic salads, herbs and vegetables.

Not sure what to cook with your leftovers? How do you make your salad last for longer? Want to know more about how much food we throw away every year? Love Food Hate Waste is a government funded website that will answer these questions for you.

Bum - things waste related

The Waste and Resources Action programme's (Wrap's) website is great source of information regarding anything waste, recycling, materials and sustainable products. Want to know more about what the uses are for recycled glass or what you can put in your home composting? This is the site to use.


Feet - all about transport

At   Home

Drive down your emissions' an article written by Rob Holdway for At Home magazine. This article got some great tips on how to drive more efficient. Click on the logo to get to the article

What  Green  Car

If you are in the market of buying a new car, check this website out. What Green Car has great info and green cars guide on their site.

“The European Union has set car makers the target of selling vehicles with an average emission of no more than 130g CO2/km and many manufacturers are now meeting that standard. Check your vehicle emissions here and choose a car that meets this new standard to significantly reduce your CO2 impact.”

Catch-A-Ride is carshare/journeyshare website that helps people people share
their car journeys with others heading the same way. Passengers pay their drivers a contribution towards the cost of the journey. The site helps people reduce their carbon footprint and it's free to join!

Hands - things about home energy

The Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation that focuses on giving advice and information on how to reduce your home energy usage.


Head - things electrical

ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy that supports the environment by giving information on energy efficient products and practices.


Mouth - be water wise

Waterwise is a not for profit organisation who gives independent advice on how to save water in your household.

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