Employee engagement

Many leading organisations have carbon management plans. Many have calculated their scope 1 and 2 emissions and others more detailed supply chain emissions. Declaring these emissions (such as through the Carbon Disclosure Project) has become an important element of an annual CSR or environmental report and demonstrates buy in from senior management – an essential value indicator to investors.

Any good carbon management plan seeks to reduce emissions.  The Carbon Trust Standard is awarded to companies who achieve 4.5% year on year reductions. But after reductions, what do you do? Some organisations choose to offset. Others choose to balance.

The Changing Habbits project for business delivers carbon reductions from an organisation's workforce. Carbon savings for employees are beneficial on a number of levels.

It engages with employees which has a direct impact in how they consider initiatives within an organisation.

It leaves your employees with more money in their pocket: despite media myths to the contrary, most personal initiatives to reduce a carbon footprint and live greener will actually reduce financial outgoings (e.g. lower energy bills).

Thirdly, an organisation, through engaging and assisting its workforce can seek to balance unavoidable emissions through operational activity (and may choose to do this rather than invest in offsetting).

A carbon balance project will help your organisation demonstrate a commitment to combating dangerous climate change and benefit your workforce at the same time. All employee reductions will be verified by the Changing Habbits team and a report will be provided by eco experts at Giraffe Innovation.

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