Corporate Social Reporting Responsibility

Businesses who sign up to the Changing Habbit project will see their employees fully engaged with during a 12 month period. The outcome will be a management report prepared by consultant experts at Giraffe Innovation, a leading sustainability consultancy and the team behind the Habbit concept. Giraffe are environmental and CSR experts and the report will be designed to avoid greenwash to plug directly into your annual report.

There are a number of stages in the 12 month project. Participant companies are charged per employee on a sliding scale. The more employees joining the scheme, the lower the per person cost. The project includes two workshops to engage with staff, full support of a dedicated members section and regular update emails. Direct questions are supported – there will be telephone and email contact with the Changing Habbits team.

Stage 1: Employee recruitment.

Staff will be invited to take part in the Changing Habbits project.

Employees will be invited to attend a 1 hour workshop to introduce the Changing Habbits project and provide an overview of the programme.

Stage 2: Habbit calculation

Employees will be invited to calculate their Habbits in their own time using the Changing Habbits calculator and visual tool Once logged on they will receive an email confirmation. Upon Habbit completion employees will be given prioritised tips on how to reduce their Habbits. 

Stage 3: Habbit reduction

Over a twelve month period employees will be expected to engage to reduce their Habbits. Participants will be able to recalculate their Habbits to see the effect of their changes. These changes will be recorded in Giraffe’s Changing Habbit – ‘analytical management system’ which is a dedicated confidential database.

Each participant will be able to email  with specific queries and information requests. A dedicated Giraffe team member is allocated to answering these queries.

Every two weeks all participants will receive an email update. The email will give:

  • A digest of queries and responses to specific questions
  • Information on who has done what and the benefits accrued.
  • Encouragement to keep going to make the necessary change. 

Stage 4: Trial project closure workshop

At the end of the three month trial participants will be invited to attend a workshop to summarise the findings and achievements from the project. A summary of the benefits for the company will be presented.

Stage 5: Reporting

Giraffe will prepare a management summary report for the company management team on the benefits accrued from the project. This will highlight what has been achieved in terms of carbon emission reduction and the areas these savings have been made. Ultimately such a report can be drawn upon for CSR reporting/communication stories.

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